Sea Shepherd Mug

Sip your coffee or tea in our hefty Sea Shepherd Mug. Featuring our Jolly Roger logo and our mission statement, this mug is a great way to enjoy your beverages while proudly supporting our mission to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. The Jolly Roger logo stands for the good pirates (Sea Shepherd) who pursue the bad pirates (driftnetters, whalers, sealers, poachers, etc). Created by artist Geert-Jan Vons and co-designed with Captain Paul Watson, the logo's intricate design includes a shepherd's staff, which represents the way Sea Shepherd guards and protects our oceans, and Neptune's trident, which signifies our interventionist approach. The skull represents the death that humans inflict on the creatures of the sea. It is further detailed with a dolphin and whale "yin yang" symbol to represent the natural balance of the oceans when free from human interference. 

• 15 ounce ceramic mug 

• Matte Black exterior with Glossy White interior - white print

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