Express your support of ocean wildlife with our custom made Sea Shepherd iPhone ecoskin case! These unique iPhone cases were created exclusively for Sea Shepherd. The ecoskin™ is the first of its kind - a mobile phone skin cover that is eco-friendly and antibacterial. 

The ecoskin™ is made from Bio TPU high grade plastic and has a 100% environmentally friendly pedigree, as the skin and its packaging are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials.  Shop to support our mission to protect marine animals and habitats today! 

Samsung Galaxy S Case also available

• Manufactured in the UK using Bio-TPU high grade plastic – the cases will rapidly biograde in landfills
• UV-resistant design helps protect iPhone from the harmful effect of the sun’s rays
• Contains antibacterial Biomaster® – Silver Ions – prevents the growth of bacteria that can cause discoloration, odors and product degradation
• Precision molded using the latest techniques
• Packaging made from recycled materials – low carbon footprint
• Allows charging and full functionality while still in the case
• Provides a reliable safeguard from bumps and scrapes 

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