Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Cap - 100% Organic Cotton
  • Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Cap - 100% Organic Cotton
  • Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Cap - 100% Organic Cotton
This "Jolly Roger" flag logo hat displays our own creative version of the pirate flag. Ours symbolizes the good pirates (Sea Shepherd) who pursue the bad pirates (driftnetters, whalers, sealers, and poachers). Created by artist Geert-Jan Vons and co-designed with Captain Paul Watson, the logo's intricate design includes the shepherd's staff which represents the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the trident which signifies both Neptune and Sea Shepherd's interventionist approach. The skull represents the death that humans inflict on the creatures of the sea - it is further detailed with the dolphin and whale "yin yang" symbol in the forehead of the skull.
  • Heavyweight 100% organic cotton twill
  • Black with white embroidery
  • Displayed on front: Jolly Roger logo
  • Displayed on back: "Stand By To Ram!"

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    Centennial, Colorado, USA

    Great Convo Starter!

    • comfy
    • washable
    • awesome
    • kid / adult adjustable
    • people want to take my hat

    I love wearing this hat, especially when I travel through airports or go to a big event, concert, or festival. I'll rock this hat even with professional attire, just to make a statement in public! People do a double take at this hat, prompting a quick little conservation conversation... leading to inspired action. "Standby to ram!!!"

    UK / Tobago

    Time to renew !!


    My cap is faded, bleached out from the sea and sun, roadworn from many tours and has always got a 'thumbs up' from those like minded buggers around me..............! My wife says retire it !So I'll buy a new one and break it in over the summer......................

    San Diego, Ca

    Nice hat but....

    • embroidery
    • soft dome shape
    • cotton material
    • buckle

    I love the way the logo is embroidered into the hat and it looks GREAT, much better than a patch. But....

    1) The buckle in the back is awful. It doesn't stay tightened. I have to tighten it EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to wear the hat, which is every day.

    2) The buckle broke after wearing it for about 6 months. Probably because I had to tighten it every time I wanted to wear it.

    3) Black Cotton is not a great material when you want to wear your hat during water sport activity in the ocean or salt water such as kayaking, SUP even whale watching because the salt water stains are a pain in the ass to remove, so you end up with white rings all over the hat.

    4) Cotton is also WAY TO HOT to wear if you live in a very sunny area such as So. California, Florida, south America, SE Asia etc. I'm kind of disappointed that I won't be able to wear my Sea Shepherd hat into the jungles of Vietnam.


    1) Use Velcro adjustable straps in the back

    2) Use a nylon material which is super easy to clean the salt stains off and is MUCH cooler to wear in very warm weather. The one hat I have that is made of 100% nylon is made by DORFMAN PACIFIC CO.

    I hope Sea Shepherd reads this and is willing to consider some changes. I love this organization and support them with donations monthly. Would be nice for a little better BB hat though.

    Los Angeles

    LOVE IT!


    I just got my SS cap and I love it! Was worried about fit from photos, but it fits really good, is adjustable and looks super cool! Will be wearing it today and proud to do what I can to support the cause!! Can't wait to get some comments, as I will be sure to tell people what a great cause this is.

    Baseball hat


    Like front design, do not care for back verbiage enough to not want hat