Pirate for the Sea is the firstever – and only – biographical film about Captain Paul Watson. This documentary is a chronicle of Watson’s adventures and speeches, and it is also a search for the man behind the pirate flag. The film explores the personal and environmental history of this controversial marine conservationist.

In an effort to capture significant episodes of the man in action, over the past five years, the producers of Pirate have documented Paul and his crew on voyages of meaningful adventure to save ocean wildlife and they have interviewed a wide variety of people who know this well-known activist.

To understand his early humble beginnings, producers filmed Paul with his extended family in New Brunswick, Canada. The story continues from there, covering Watson’s time as the youngest founding member of Greenpeace. There, he organized and participated in most of their early daring campaigns against whalers and sealers.

The bio-doc continues with Watson’s departure from Greenpeace over disagreements about his direct action approach. Shortly after that, he started his own organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and went on to sink illegal whaling ships, stopped Canadian seal hunts for ten years, permanently halted sealing in British Isles, killing of dolphins on Iki Island, Japan, and more. This documentary witnesses his latest campaigns which have been successful in saving whales from the cruel harpoons of the Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.
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